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An ephiphany. An “Aha!” moment. A breakthrough. They are those times in life when something that was once so confusing, even incredibly stressful, suddenly makes sense and you breathe a sigh of relief. You know, the moments when you see through new eyes for the first time and you smile knowing that it’s going to be OK.

I had one such moment tonight as I was sitting across from a friend and sharing struggles that have for so long seemed to not make sense. Without disclosing the details, I can say that I realized tonight that the person I am is A-OK. She is a beautiful, unique survivor of life’s trials and a woman who has within her reach all that she dreams of. Notice, I did not say “She is perfect,” as perfection is possible only by the man upstairs and to strive for such a thing is to miss out on who we really are. Trust me on that one. I spent many years trying to achieve that goal and once I realized I don’t have to be and can’t be perfect, it was like, “Whew, thank goodness.”

As we grow and learn in life, we may think that we must become something different than who we are. We may try to fit a mold that is constantly changing shapes or we may think too much is wrong with us and our days are spent considering what we need to do to make us better. When are we OK? And who is really drawing the blueprints we think we should follow?

No two things are alike. Therefore, “ideals” cannot truly apply to a party greater than one. What is ideal for me may not be ideal for you and the path I’m on may not be similar to the path you’re on. The important thing is to accept our paths for what they are today and if those paths are headed in unhealthy directions, make a choice to change them.

I don’t believe all has been revealed or that my “Aha!” moments are over. Those moments are a part of continued development that occurs throughout life. For today, I am enjoying my new outlook on myself and appreciating who I am because, again, I am A-OK.


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