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I can’t tell you how many years I spent walking around in a bubble made of my own “stuff.” I felt trapped no matter which direction I turned and I remember many moments when I asked, “What is the point in all of this?” I saw nothing in my future and too much in my past. I was going through life’s motions while not really living at all. Yes, I’ve been there, too.

I write this post not to plead with those who may feel that way at this time in their lives, but more to remind us all that we’re not alone. Hope can be restored. Believe me. Up until the past year or so I was one who thought I was a lost cause, a hopeless case, and a bag of damaged goods. However, when I began to change my thinking, which then helped me to change my feelings and actions, I began to see things happening in my life. My bubble burst, but in a good way, and suddenly I was empowered.

The darkness is indeed dark and the light may not shine as brightly as we wish when we first start to see it. One of the most challenging things can be having the patience to move through the darkness into the light that is the rest of our lives. I tell myself on a continual basis, “Patience is a virtue,” and “Be still and know that I am God.” These two things remind me that I can’t have it all right now just because I want it all right now. Change takes time and finding balance, structure, and peace also takes time.

But it can happen. Even when we feel as if we can’t move another step, when we feel stuck in a bubble or inside a tornado of a life, or when we simply don’t know which direction we need to go, there is hope. There is hope that the next moment will come and in that moment we have choices that we can make — big or small — we have choices. Simply attempting something off the beaten path of our lives in an attempt to change our situations can make a major difference.

I don’t want to be one to tell anyone else how to live their lives. That’s not my goal. I guess it is my wish, however, that we can combat the feeling of hopelessness and take small steps — together — to have a life filled with more light and less darkness.


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It’s been said many times over that all good things must come to an end. With this post, I aim to remind us too that just as good things come to an end, so do the bad things.

When we are in feel-good situations or are happy with the way our lives are going, we may say, “I wish this could last forever.” Likewise, there can be a moment when suddenly it no longer feels good. Whether our time in the experience is limited (like on a vacation) or we lose that job we love, sometimes we must face the fact that the good things in life can end.

When we are in darker situations, however, we may say, “Is it over yet?” and feel as if the time couldn’t fly fast enough. We may become depressed and lose hope that life is worth living for even one more second. It happens. It has happened to me many times. But then the clouds part, even just slightly, and a ray of sunshine shines through. The darkness in life can end too.

I believe it is very difficult in those uncomfortable, scary and trying times of our lives to see a way out. We may wish, hope and pray, yet continue to live in a cycle of despair day in and day out. For some, this cycle is harder to break because they may not be able to find a job to replace the one they lost or perhaps they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and then end is so absolute.

I also believe that we can forget in those moments not only how short life really is and that we do have at least some control over things, but that there is a lesson to be learned and/or a strength to be gained.

Medications can help us when we are in what feels like a never-ending battle, but I won’t advocate one way or another here. Medications aside, I think if we wait for our situations to change or that light to shine through, we may find ourselves waiting for a very long, long time. Regardless, it will eventually come to an end — perhaps an end we didn’t wish for.

It makes more sense to me that we begin to act in a way that is opposite our despair and even if it doesn’t change our circumstances, it can change the way we feel in those circumstances.

For anyone who is reading this and going through a time in their life when they feel hopeless, I’ve been there too. I know the sadness and I know the pain. You are not, I repeat, NOT alone. I encourage you to reach out and try hard to learn how to believe you are worth fighting for.

Just as the good things in life can come to an end, so can the bad because eternity is the only thing that lasts forever.

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