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When I was growing up, there were many things I wanted to do and be. I can remember playing school with my sisters and knowing for certain that I would grow up to be a teacher. The next day, I would be out in the garage with my former step-dad convinced I would grow up to be a mechanic and at dinner I would want to be a cook just like my mother.
I was fascinated with just about everything. From zoology to oceanography to astronomy and biology, I wanted to do it all. But there was one thing that was constant in all my indecision and that was the desire to be a gymnast.

I began playing softball as soon as I was old enough to throw a ball and I excelled at the sport almost through high school. I still play summer co-ed softball to this day and love every minute of it. However, gymnastics had always been in the back of my mind. I would watch it on television and crave the opportunity to do a floor exercise in the Olympics. I even penned a poem about it my freshman year and could recall the way I would parade around in my bright orange swimsuit, doing flips off the picnic table and landing as if I had just won a gold medal.

I never entered the first gymnastics class and I still can’t do a back flip, but the dream remained until recently. After much contemplation, I realized that everyone is called to do different things in life. We each have our own paths.

No, it doesn’t hurt us to dream and dreaming can actually be a very healthy thing. However, when we hang on to unfulfilled dreams and allow ourselves to minimize what he have actually achieved all because we never reached that one thing, it can lead us into resentment of ourselves and our lives. We may then feel as if nothing is good enough because we were never a gymnast (or zoologist, or football player, or astronaut or…).

Lately I’ve I’ve accepted the fact that some people were/are gymnasts and I was/am not. In light of that, however, I realized that I am an award-winning writer, a great softball player, a good student, a there-for-you friend and so much more. I don’t want to live in what I am not. I don’t want to watch gymnastics on television and feel as if I’ve wasted my entire life because I was never even close to jumping on the floor mat for a routine.

I am who I am. I’ve done what I’ve done. In the next moment, I will be who and what I will be.

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Anyone familiar with the field of psychology or counseling has learned that Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was big on analyzing the dreams of his clients and how those dreams affected the person. He even penned “The Interpretation Of Dreams,” in which he took a look at his own dreams to prove his theory.

But some people say, “A dream is just a dream.” Is it? Or is it a collaborated story based on what is hiding in our unconscious?

I believe the latter is true. Not always do I have a dream and awake knowing exactly what the reason for the dream was or the significance behind it. All too often , however, I can attach real-life events and feelings to the story my unconscious has created while I was sleeping.

It amazes me really. I’ve had some crazy dreams that even made others question what medications I was taking or if I was on illegal drugs. I’m not addicted to drugs at all, I just have a lot going on in my life and my mind most of the time.

People tell me so often that people can’t die in their own dreams. I’m here to tell you that indeed they can. I have died many, many times while dreaming. In fact, I’ve been in car accidents, have been shot by lasers and guns, have jumped off bridges, have fallen into pits of lava, etc. What tends to happen then is that I’m floating up in the sky looking down on the accident scene and watching rescue workers attempt to revive me. It happens.

Another prominent activity in my dreams is flying. Man what I wouldn’t give to have that ability in real life because it is the most amazing feeling ever. For many years I also had a recurring tornado dream in which I was home alone and had to save myself by getting to the basement which was actually accessed from outside. It’s funny because after I got my cat, Ollie, she then appeared in the dream too and I was tasked with saving her life as well.

I may not be able to tell you the meaning behind every single dream I’ve ever had in my 28 years, but I do know the meaning behind several. When my stress manifests in my mind, but I have no time to process it while awake, well… that’s when I have dreams of being in a hurricane or something similar.

I believe dreams are indeed a manifestation of what is lingering in both the unconscious and the subconscious parts of our brains at the end of the day and I believe dreams can be enlightening if we open ourselves up to the message that is being presented.

What are some of the dreams you’ve had that you were able to interpret? How did that interpretation have an affect on your life?

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