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One of the hardest challenges we as people may face is learning to like who we are. We are constantly bombarded with ads and articles about who we should be and what we should look like. The reality is that it takes all kinds to make a world and we must embrace who it is we were created to be.

Our initial creation did not come from media messages. It came from conception… from a moment between a man and a woman, and in my belief that moment was at the hands of a Higher Power… God. Post-birth messages have altered the way many of us have lived and have influenced the way we look. We all want to be accepted and loved. Most of us also want to be beautiful and confident. However, to obtain those things, we are often going to extreme measures rather than realizing that we are already unique and beautiful. Why allow media, or other, messages to alter the initial you – the person you were born to be?

I certainly understand the pressure in today’s world to look and act in a way that far exceeds the natural. We are continuously witnessing advertisements suggesting we can “fix” our aging skin, our small breasts, our crooked teeth and our culturally-determined overweight bodies, among other things. Or we are exposed to influences that suggest we obtain the biggest bank account balance, the largest house in the neighborhood, and the fanciest car found on America’s highways. But when do we scale it all back and take a look at reality? When do we stop in our tracks, accept who we are and what we have right now – in this very moment – and say, “I am OK” rather than criticizing ourselves?

One of my personal goals, that I also challenge you to consider, is to make a gratitude list in relation to myself. I want to consider all of the things I already am and all of the things at which I am already good, rather than considering all of the things I am not and am striving to attain. Like you, I possess qualities that are strengths and that deserve more of my attention because if I constantly focus on what needs improvement, I lose sight of the aspects of myself that are already OK.


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(A quick post in response to Donald Mills’ blog “The Problem with Young People Today Is”)

I laughed, and was offended at the same time, when I read Donald Mills’ blog on Freshly Pressed. He certainly hit the nail on the head when he described some, just some, of today’s young people (and no, I’m not old… yet).

So, I decided to share my opinion about seniors today — with all due respect of course. Donald, thanks for the inspiration and courage to express my views.

They’re Resourceful

They may not know how to drive a car or use a remote, but they can feed themselves for days if a snow storm hits and they can’t get to the grocery store (by taxi).

They Believe in a Higher Power

I once watched a senior run through the rows of a sanctuary with her arms up in the air, her hair as high as her arms, while screaming “hallelujah” loud enough to pierce another hole to a young person’s already thrice-pierced ears.

They Always Know What Can Be Worn With Polyester

In today’s fashion-forward world, seniors are the go-to people for figuring out what can be worn with polyester. While these items may not always match (you know, a green shirt with baby blue slacks), we can at least ask them what they have worn with the material. After all, anything “can” be worn with polyester (my favorite, however, are the black velcro-strapped shoes my grandma used to wear).

They Like to Bird Watch

While some seniors are sitting around watching birds eat seed from inside a make-shift cage, us young people are out skydiving WITH those birds. The good thing is that bird-watchers can help direct us as to which birds to avoid on our free fall from the airplane so we can land as clean and as safely as possible. Or maybe than can recommend which birds would be best to photograph with our 21st century digital cameras or smartphones.

They’re Opinionated

There’s nothing like the strong opinion of a senior who has been around the world and seen a lot of things, but only knows how to express it with a snarl and a finger point. Are all old men really grumpy? Surely not. I’ve seen my share though (thanks whatever your name is for the 10-cent tip you left the waitress for your breakfast by the way). Maybe that’s more frugal than anything mood-related, but still…

They’re Willing to Educate About Medical Conditions

Seniors rarely are willing to share some of the most important, life-changing stories from their history. They keep these stories near and dear to their hearts, while many of us could benefit from their wisdom and experience. However, they are willing to inform us about the effects of diabetes or poor bladder control when they can remember.

They Always Have Moth Balls

And I guess I’ll just be walking around with holes in my clothes…

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