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Deck the halls and hear those sleigh bells ringling, jing, jing, jingling… it’s Christmas time in the city (and country too).

I’ve never been one to get overly excited during the holiday season, primarily because it seemed everything had turned to whether or not there was enough “money for Christmas.” I used to go to church regularly and that certainly got me in the spirit, but overall I had resorted to the fact that I just wasn’t a holiday person.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the reason for the season and I want nothing more than to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, I struggle to get a warm, cozy feeling (could be because it’s 20 degrees outside and they’re calling for snow this weekend).

I really want to get back in touch with my holiday side this year amid the hustle and bustle that has been my life since starting graduate school last January. I want to simply have a wonderful Christmas time. I want to light candles, watch old Christmas movies, help my mom bake goodies,  listen to carols and just let the cares of the world melt away.

Here are some other ways I’ve thought of to get into the spirit again:

1. Get out the craft stuff and make a few holiday cards for friends and family.

2. Make hot chocolate from scratch with one too many marshmallows in my mug.

3. Buy a new and meaningful Christmas ornament to hang on the Christmas tree.

4. Watch my nieces and nephews unwrap gifts on Christmas morning and then, without changing out of my pajamas, sit on the living room floor to play with their toys.

5. Go caroling with a group of friends.

6. If it’s a white Christmas, go outside, completely forget how cold it is and roll around in the snow.

7. Attend a Christmas Eve service at a local church.

I would love to hear about your holiday traditions and/or what gets you in the holiday spirit.

For now, I’m going to finish my work so I can attend a Christmas party at my internship site.

Merry Christmas to all!!!


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