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I read an article today that stated Kate Middleton has now become the new source of what is called “thinspiration.” For those unfamiliar with the term, thinspiration is what is used to inspire men and women, boys and girls to slim down and follow mostly unhealthy eating and exercise patterns in an attempt to reach that ideal weight.

Bottom line: It’s ridiculous and completely contributes to the development and sustainment of eating disorders in our society.

The article, thankfully, did not site from which website its information came as it can feed any already existing negativity in young people and adults across the world. It’s aggravating that thinness is praised publically because eating disorders exist without the help from certain media outlets and we certainly don’t need to promote these disorders or this “thinspiration” any more than is done so already. It’s killing people.

What will it take for individuals to truly begin to accept themselves, their lives and their bodies and instead of finding unhealthy quick fixes to temporarily change their lives, why not find healthy fixes that will last decades?

I can promise you that being thin is not like how it seems and being thin can cause more problems than it is intended to correct. Being drastically underweight can cause numerous issues including sudden cardiac death from which my dear friend Penny died last August.

I am planning an additional advocacy effort that will address this concern. For now, let’s tell these website creators and thinspiration promoters to give it up already.

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