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We all have one and we have all survived it thus far. I’m talking about a story; the one that is completely our own and to which we have written the chapters.

Sometimes the story is an action-packed adventure. Sometimes it’s a drawn out drama, possibly full of suspense. Other times, it’s a story of love or a story of tragedy. Regardless, our stories belong to us and we have it within our power to write the next pages with as much or as little as we wish.

My story has been a mixture of all of the above. When I consider where I have come from and where I am today, I sometimes wonder what it would have been like had I made different choices. However, I made whatever choices I did in the exact moments that I made them and the resulting chapters led to the Meredith I am today. I don’t regret. I work hard to forgive myself and others while looking at the day at hand and asking myself what I want to write today.

I’m working to put my story into actual book form, but these things take time and patience. When I’m ready and God says it’s right, I’ll share it with a broader audience with hope that someone somewhere may be inspired.

Until then, I encourage you to consider your story. What types of chapters do you want to include and how many of those chapters have you already written? Remember, you have the power to decide what words will be read on the next pages… in this way, we are all writers.

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