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Last year at this time I posted about how I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions (See “New Year’s Resolutions? No, Thanks”). It wasn’t because I didn’t believe I had changes to make, but because I didn’t want to wait until the new year began to start implementing changes in my life. It was also because resolutions can set us up for what can be perceived as failure. My suggestion? Set small realistic goals daily and reward yourself when you have achieved those goals. On the flip side, I would encourage you not to punish yourself when you haven’t achieved those goals. Instead, try again in the next moment or the next day.

The year 2012 is nearing and although I am not a fan of resolutions, I do have some goals I hope to achieve in the new year – maybe even before then. After evaluating 2011, it’s hard not to take a year off from goal-setting and allow myself to live completely free of such things. However, we never really stop changing and therefore, there is work to be done in the new year. I am planning ahead, but not waiting until the ball drops at midnight on 12-31-11 to turn the planning into action. There is too much time to be utilized between now and then.

This past year has been one full of major successes and in the shadow of those successes was a major loss. I won’t recap the experience as I have already written a post about what happened, but I think it is important to recognize that even though we may face turbulance in our life flight, it doesn’t discount how far we have travelled. I am blessed when I think of how many great things occurred in 2011, but I am even more blessed to have this time to reflect and to determine what I will do next.

Take some time to do your own reflection before the new year begins. What has happened in 2011 that has had a large impact on your life? What are you still hoping to achieve and what are you doing to work toward that achievement today? And remember that no matter what day it is, change can start now…

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