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Remove the Mask Already

Yes, I’m blogging at 1 a.m., but my theory has always been that one must write when the muse hits.

In contemplating the world in one of my late-night thinking sessions, I realized that there are so many times when I wear a mask. But then I realized too that I’m not the only one. The world itself wears a mask and I’m wondering when it will be removed and the realness of life will come out. When will we stop pretending and just let out what’s inside?

I’m not saying that everyone is fake or that everyone feels this way. I just think that there comes a point when the glits and glamour can no longer suffice. The fancy cars and big houses aren’t what life is all about. It’s about humility and loving thy neighbor. It’s even more about loving ourselves enough to fulfill our destiny; no matter how rich or poor we may be.

I am guilty of rarely feeling like I can keep up with the world. I strive for so many things and somehow end up feeling like it just leads to having to strive even more. Some say I’m too hard on myself, but am I alone in this? Or has the fact that our world seems so backward sometimes turned many of us into “strivers” who seldom feel good enough?

I’m not saying I want to stop trying to achieve my goals and I’m not suggesting that others do that either. I suppose I’m suggesting that we remove the mask(s) already and learn to be ok with who we are, what we want and what this world/life is meant to be. I don’t know about you, but my face starts to hurt after many years of wearing such masks. It aches when it’s time to take off one and put on another.

I just want to be free to be me and I hope that you can be free to be you.

Until next time…


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