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In a previous post I talked about how important acceptance is in our daily lives. I also mentioned that accepting something doesn’t mean we must like it. After a long conversation tonight, I started thinking about how often I don’t accept things about myself that are simply part of my personality or my physical being. Instead, I constantly feel as if I have to change everything I am and everything I do so I can fit some sort of mold that I’m not sure even exists.

How many times do we stop to think about who we have always been in relation to who we have become as a result of life’s circumstances? Do we assume that we don’t like this or that because it’s a dislike that was placed inside of us at conception or do we consider that it could be a result of a situation that happened to us or an experience we had?

Where am I going with this? Well, I think I all too frequently feel as if everything about me is inadequate and must be improved. I try stopping myself from being funny assuming that I need to be more serious all of the time. I tell myself, and others, “I’m trying to work on not doing…” when in reality it’s part of my personality; it’s who I am. Rarely do I say, “I’m trying to work on embracing my hilarity,” or “I really love that I have a lot to talk about.” No. I just try to fix it when no one is even complaining about it- no one except me.

When we find ourselves picking apart our entire being in an attempt to adhere to perceived standards, I think we miss out on the great characteristics that were carefully selected by the higher power upon our creation. I think we can get so wrapped up in fixing what’s not even broken that we fail to see the beauty in ourselves. One of the greatest things about life and the human race is that we’re all different. We all have a story and we’re all unique. It’s what makes us, us.

I’m making an internal vow (and I suppose external since I’m posting it here) that instead of assuming I need to change all that I am, I will accept that there are characteristics that make me Meredith. I may not always like these things about myself, but the point is that I can’t spend the rest of my life trying to change a personality and a body that were both given to me with care. I can, however, embrace that personality and my body while using my uniqueness to my advantage. I simply don’t want to find that another 28 years has passed and I’ve done nothing more than try to continually change who I am.

What about you?


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