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Sometimes it’s hard for people to accept their weaknesses. Sometimes it’s just as difficult for people to accept their strengths. We may walk through life thinking we are better than or worse than we truly are.

Why would the inability to accept our weaknesses be a bad thing? Wouldn’t that mean we are confident?

Individuals can be confident while still being real with themselves about who they are and how they behave. I’ve known many people who project high self-esteem, but who also know when to say, “I’m not good at …” or  “I need to work on…” It’s not itself a weakness to admit that we’re not strong in certain areas. In fact, it’s necessary in order to have true confidence in one’s self.

I’ve been on the opposite end of the confidence spectrum much of my life. I have a problem with not giving myself enough credit, not accepting the things at which I’m good and not believing I’m worthy of certain things in life (aka: low self-esteem). I’ve worked really hard recently to start looking at the real Meredith to determine areas in which I’m weak (listening to others), as well as areas in which I’m strong (writing). In doing this, I’ve been able to embrace my strengths and talents more than ever, while realizing areas that need work.

I’ve been able to write many blog entries with confidence because I know I was blessed with the ability to express through the written word. This doesn’t mean I believe I’ll win a Pulitzer Prize or even publish the books I’ve been working on. It simply means that I know and believe I have a God-given talent. There is nothing wrong with admitting this.

My weakness in listening to others is something I’ve been working on for many months. My brain feels like it’s in overdrive much of the time and it can be difficult to listen to others even when I hear them. The good thing, however, is that I’ve recognized this and accepted it as a weakness. I can then do things to improve my listening skills, especially since I’m finishing a master’s degree in counseling.

My challenge to you as the New Year gets under way is to take an honest inventory of yourself. Determine your areas of weakness, as well as your areas of strength. Once you admit these things to yourself, and maybe to others, what can you do to either improve them (your weaknesses) or build on them (your strengths)?

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