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Sometimes life can seem so hum-drum and we can lose any confidence we may have had. We may not be feeling as youthful, as motivated or as relaxed as we once were. Below are some suggestions on how to reinvent yourself mentally and physically, while taking care of yourself in the process.


1. Take deep breaths and focus on what you must do in this very moment without clinging to every word, feeling, thought, etc. You will be amazed how quickly your stress can be reduced and you’re able to accomplish tasks. While you’re at it… talk back to the irrational thoughts that attempt to seep in. Then…

2. Take regular mental vacations. I love the idea of taking a “mental vacation” and allowing myself to go to some place tropical where nothing has to be done and I can listen to the crash of ocean waves for as long as I wish. The best part is, I don’t even have to purchase a plane ticket or pack a suitcase. I simply have to close my eyes and let go of all that is around me. Guided imagery CDs are great for taking mental vacations. You can find numerous products through a general Google search.

3. Stop sweating the stuff that’s so small you need a microscope to see it. Minor things happen in our lives and we may find ourselves creating a mountain out of a mole hill. My suggestion? DON’T! Seems simple enough, but it does take some mental work. That broken nail will not, I repeat, will not be a matter of life or death. It happens to all of us and it’s OK.

4. Seek help for concerns or issues you are having trouble with. No one can go through life solely on their own. Well, they can at least try, but humans need other humans. We thrive on relationships and we sometimes have to use those relationships to benefit ourselves. However, when it seems we are alone with concerns that are not going away, it may be time to reach beyond our closest relationships and find a professional who can help. Therapists are a great source of support and guidance (and good ones will not tell you what to do or what you’ve done wrong).

5. Feel your emotions. OK, you and I both know that feeling our emotions can be extremely difficult and we may toss them aside claiming we don’t have time to feel or we “should be” strong. Bottom line is that those of us who hide our emotions will only end up with more problems down the road. If you truly want to reinvent yourself, you must first be able to feel.


1. Get a hair cut (or buy extensions). For me, there is nothing more refreshing than chopping my hair off, giving myself a completely new look that brings more confidence. I have always been daring with my hair and whenever I feel like changing things up, I call the salon. Go ahead… Remember that hair grows back or if you decide on extensions, they can be removed. The most important thing, however, is to make sure you compliment yourself on the new look.

2. Get in shape. If you are medically able to exercise… DO IT! Not only does exercise release endorphins which enhances mood, but it can be a great stress relief. If you’re feeling out of shape and are having a hard time getting motivated, start with just a few minutes of stretches. I’m one who believes every little bit helps!

3. Go shopping. Don’t let men fool you — they too enjoy shopping for new things and looking their best. I’m not advocating that you go out and spend money impulsively, but why not buy yourself a few new pieces of clothing that can be mixed in with your existing wardrobe? In addition to a recent hair cut, I bought some new clothing that has worked to build my confidence as a professional and allowed me to reinvent my wardrobe, along with my self-esteem. Try it!

4. Enjoy the sunshine. Research has shown that the sun’s ability to provide Vitamin D is very healthy for people. I don’t expect you to lay out for hours and put yourself at risk for skin cancer, but catch some rays to give yourself vitamins and a nice spring/summer glow.

5. Hone in on your passions/talents. Nothing has been more exciting lately as re-inventing myself as a writer — honing my skills even further — and trusting that what I’m writing, others are reading. You may be completely amazed at the ways you can use your gifts to create a new path in life or maybe just a new stress reliever. If you like to sing, sing. If you like to travel, travel. If you like to help others, help others…

OK, I’m certainly not an expert on telling you how to live your life. You are the expert there. But I do hope that something I’ve said here will at least get the wheels of reinvention flowing for you and that you will find an easier, more confident way of living.

Until next time…

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