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Ah, the thought of doing any sort of weeding just makes me exhausted, but this kind is necessary in order to maintain good mental health. We’ve all heard the saying that negative people bring others down. Well, I used to be one of “them.”

I can’t tell you that I’m positive 100-percent of the time. In fact, I still get irritated and I still worry about things even when I know it will work out. I can’t count how many times I’ve said, “I think this is all stupid because it’s not going to matter anyway. Why put forth the effort?” Yeah, no… I can’t count it all.

There is something so different in positive thinking. Something that automatically puts me at ease and puts a smile, even if short lived, on my face. It hasn’t always been this way though. I spent much of my early life surrounded by negative people and being a negative person myself.

When we’re in the company of others who can’t seem to find a single positive thing to say about anyone or anything, we can start to take on that pessimism and likewise speak/feel negative stuff. It’s contagious (I do apologize to everyone I’ve been around during my negative moments…). What happens, however, when those negative people are our loved ones? How do we weed them out of our lives?

Not so easy I can assure you. It’s like trying to remove one of your arms and then learning to live with just one. OK, maybe it’s like removing some of it and leaving the more useful part in tact. This may seem like an extreme example, but it’s an accurate one. Think about it… If your sibling is constantly dragging you through the realms of his/her negative mind, wouldn’t it be healthier for you to set a boundary with this person and become more in control of when you speak to him/her? Perhaps all it would take is a simple, “Hey, I noticed that you are very pessimistic and I am trying to look more at the positive in life. I think it would be best if I step back from the relationship a bit in an effort to take care of my own needs.”

This allows the person to still be in your life and vice-versa, but it puts you in more control and it allows you to take the reigns of your mental health a bit tighter.

Something to consider…

For now, have a great weekend and try to smile even when you feel like it’s just not happening for you.


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